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My everything.

I wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my glass





HERE IS AN UPDATED PHOTO GUYS!!! My friend Yousef Michel Maree Huwe has gone missing Tuesday night at around 10:30 and lives in the West Miami area. He used to be on Tumblr as VOIDXVX. His family and friends are extremely worried about him since he practically left a suicide note and we hope that he gets found and brought back to us safely. I know I have friends and followers in the Florida/Miami area, so please keep an eye out for him. He was last seen wearing black jeans, black shirt, a black jansport backpack, and left for his friends house on a red mountain bike. Please help me find my friend, if you see or hear from him, please call this number 786-382-1415 or 786-760-6910. I cannot bear to lose another friend this year due to something like this. Please please reblog. #missing #missingperson #missingpeople #florida #xvx #vegan #straightedge #miami #westmiami

Thank you to every one who tried helping but Yousef was found dead. I seriously can’t believe it and it saddens me so much to have to type this. He was such a rad kid and I feel like I missed out on some very awesome times when both our plans to visit each other fell through. R.I.P dude we are all gonna miss you so fucking much.

I’ve been crying all fucking day. I still don’t want to believe this. I just wish that this was all a horrible nightmare… RIP my kawaii XVX brother…

I wish he could have known how many people he impacted with his personality and how many people knew him. I wish I could have talked to him on last time. I wish his plans to come back to California had gone through, just so I could have given him a hug one last time. Today has been a dark day for me and I miss you so, so, much.

Since I am not in Florida to pay my respects to him in person, we are holding a candle light vigil at the River in Rancho Mirage tomorrow night at 6 pm. Feel free to come by and share some of your favorite memories of him. Tomorrow night we will be celebrating his life and remembering all the amazing times we had with him in our presence.

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